Monday, December 3, 2012

Flowers According To Birthday Month - December

It is rightly stated that the safest gift to give someone on their birthday is flowers. Beside from the fact that the colors, type and scent of the flowers infuse happy feelings, thus giving flowers to the birthday celebrant makes them feel more special. No matter whether it is your mom you are giving a bouquet to, or your special friend, birthday flowers have always been appreciated. The main thing that can be crucial entails picking the right flower for the celebrant.

Moreover if the gifted flowers are according to their birthday month, then it will be considered as a more unique gift. So, if you want to gift flowers to someone whose birthday comes in December, make sure the flowers are Paperwhite Narcissus.

According to legends, after Narcissus died, Apollo turned him into the flower narcissus. Hence when Paperwhite Narcissus is gifted, it signifies that the recipient is sweet. In addition, this flower also represents modesty, respect, and faithfulness. Paperwhites usually grow from bulbs and hence can be easily forced indoors, another reason that they are commonly given in December as gifts. The flowers are elegant, yet strongly fragrant and generally come in white.


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