Sunday, March 3, 2013

Use the Right Flowers to Say,” I am Sorry!”

When you have done something wrong, a verbal apology might not work so well, in a few cases. In situations where things have aggravated your relationship, forgiveness needs time. You can write a simple note to express how guilty you are and how much the relationship means to you. Or, if you are not good at writing your feelings, simply use the other way of pleasing your loved one- send flowers of apology.

Daffodil, White Chrysanthemum, Purple Hyacinth- Create your apology bouquet

Expressing your apology with a single rose might get you into even more trouble. Your partner may feel that you are not sincere and here, a little creativity can help. Do a little online research and come up with your own bouquet to express a sincere apology. Make sure you send the flower bouquet with a quote saying that you are truly sorry and also mention what each flower means.

Create a bouquet that includes flowers of apology- stems of white Chrysanthemum express truthfulness, three stems of Daffodils indicate respect for your beloved and six stems of Purple Hyacinths express apology and appeal for forgiveness. Get the right type and color of flowers to convey different meanings.

Send your creative bouquet of flowers to say "sorry" and see how the heart of your loved one melts in seconds. Try this great tip to regain your partner’s trust on you beautiful flowers!


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  2. Very useful blog! Thanks for delivery is a great way to impress someone also to express love ans apology with the fragrance of flowers.