Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some Interesting Facts About Roses

Roses are one of the most admired and the most demanded flowers in the whole world. Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion, people prefer to give roses to their loved ones. For all you rose lovers out there, here are some interesting facts about this famous flower.

Studies have shown that roses are approximately 35 million years old. A rose is a perennial flower or a shrub of the genus called Rosa. It belongs to the family of Rosaceae. Rose is cultivated in a variety of colors and shades and contains about 100 different species. Each color has a different meaning. The meanings of some of the popularly available roses are as follows:

Red Rose: It is the symbol of true love, passion, and romance.

Light Pink Rose: They stand for happiness, whimsy, fun, humor, and gladness.

Lilac Roses: these roses symbolize love at first sight.

Pale pink Rose: They signify feelings of grace, softness, gentleness, and joy in a person.

Peach Roses: The roses in peach color stand for sympathy, modesty, appreciation and gratitude.

White Roses: These flowers are the sign of innocence, peace, and remembrance.

Yellow Roses: They indicate freedom and friendship.

Orange Roses: Orange stands for passion, energy, life, and warmth.

Black Roses: Black depicts sadness and grief. It can also be given to express your hatred towards someone.

Hope these facts will help you buy the right roses. Enjoy the tradition of giving flowers!


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