Sunday, November 17, 2013

Express your love & romance with Roses

Roses are loved for their beauty and fragrance. They represent true love, passion, and romance. A beautiful rose can make anyone smile and can effectively convey the deepest emotions and feelings without requiring any words though.

Roses speak the silent language of love and since time immemorial men and women have exchanged them for expressing their love and romance. A great symbol of love and admiration, a rose can be given to show that you are interested in someone or that you are totally and madly in love with the person to whom you are giving roses.

Different colors of roses express different emotions. A red rose stands for passionate love and a pink rose signifies admiration. Similarly the number of roses that you give to someone also affects the meaning that you convey. If you give a single rose it means that you love only that person. But if you want to ask that someone special to marry you, you may have to give her hundred roses.

Roses are all about love and romance. They fill the heart and lift the mood. If you want to tell your partner that you care and admire her, send fresh and beautiful roses.


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