Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Ideas for decorating your home with flowers on Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving Day, do not confine your celebrations to your family only. Invite your friends, colleagues, and neighbours and celebrate the festival like never before.

If you wish to celebrate this festival with all the grandeur and pomp, use these ideas for decorating your home with flowers.

  • Start with the entrance. Make bright and beautiful floral bunch with peony and olive leaves to give away the merry mood. You may add lights to the floral bunch to enliven the entire decoration.

  • Fill fresh flowers in all the vases and put them in every room. Put freshly cut and bright Orchids and Amaryllis in the vases as they not only look beautiful, but are long lasting too.

  • Place flower pots in the corridor, gallery, and patio to enhance the entire ambience with bright and fragrant flowers.

  • Decorate the lights, lamps, and chandeliers with flowers. You can spruce up your sitting and dining area with Orchids and Amaranthus.

  • Last, but not the least, deck up the dinner table. You can add lilies, Allium, bunches of casters, Amaryllis, sunflower or any other seasonal flowers to decorate the dinner table. Carefully pick bright and fresh flowers to grab the eyeballs and to get rave reviews for your creativity and fine sense of home décor.

As well as using the flowers for decorating your home, send them as gifts to your loved ones. Thanksgiving flowers make the best gift for expressing love and affection on Thanksgiving Day.


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