Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Show your joy to the expecting mother with flowers!!

One of the happiest occasions in a woman’s life is to find out that she is pregnant. Motherhood brings with it immense joy and happiness. If you are a man whose wife is expecting, and you want to show your joy to the expecting mother, do it with flowers.

If you find it difficult to express your feelings and emotions, you can say a lot with flowers. Flowers can express your joy, love, and emotions so deep that even words can not do it. A beautiful bouquet of flowers would bring tears of joy to the expecting mother’s eyes and would touch her heart so deeply that she would remember your gift for the rest of her life.

You can send any flower to your expecting wife to express your joy and happiness. If you want your gift of flowers to be unique, pick up flowers according to the expecting baby’s birth month. Each month has specific birth flowers. For January there are carnations and snowdrop, for February there is iris, primrose, and violet, for March there are daffodils, for April sweet pea or daisies, for May lily, for June rose, for July you can send water lily, for August poppy flowers, for September asters or morning glory, for October Calendula, for November chrysanthemums, and for December there is narcissus.

You can also add birth flowers that are appropriate for the expecting mother. This would make the bouquet of flowers even more special and thoughtful. Your wife would appreciate how much thought and consideration you had put in making her feel so special.

Pregnancy is the time to pamper your expecting wife and show her your joy and happiness on expecting the tiny little bundle of joy. Send her flowers to celebrate this special phase of your life.


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