Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What your Mom wants on this Mother's Day

Mother's day is coming on 11th May. What are you planning to make it special for your Mom. Below are some facts which tell you that how your Mom wants to celebrate Mother's Day.

1)8 out of 10 Moms prefer to sleep in the morning.
2)60% mom wants 60-minutes massage.
3)48% mom wants 60-minute bike ride.
4)75% percent mom wants a hand written card as Mother's day Gift.
5)25% percent mom wants a necklace from tiffany.
6) One third mom wants to choose gifts for themselves.
7) One third mom wants to eat pizza and milk with kids on Dinner.
8) Two third mom wants to have dinner in a restaurant.
9)54% mom wants to spend the quality time with her mom.



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