Monday, April 14, 2014

Pick the right number of roses to convey your feelings of love and romance

Roses are one of the most popular flowers that are used for expressing love and romance. But do you know that different numbers have different meanings?

If you want to say I love you forever to someone, you should send a single red rose. If you want to say I love you and let us be together for ever, you should send two red roses. To ask someone to be yours, you should give her twelve red roses. And to say I am Yours, give twenty four roses. When you want to express your extreme love to someone and want to tell that person that your love has no limit you should give fifty red roses.

It is not that only red roses can convey your love and romance. You can give a single white rose to express your pure and genuine feelings. If you like someone you can give pink colored rose. To say that you enchant me, give a single lavender colored rose. To express your love for your friend, give yellow colored rose.

Thus, there are roses for expressing different sentiments of love and romance. Just select the flowers carefully and communicate your feelings.


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