Monday, June 2, 2014

Flowers: Building trust and intimacy in a relationship

Expressing love is one of the most beautiful parts of a relationship. Communicating feelings verbally is one of the best ways to build trust and intimacy in a relationship. However, there are times when people (both men and women) find it difficult to communicate their deepest feelings. In the absence of communication, the romance tends to fade over time.

When words are hard to come by, there are other ways to show your love and gratitude. Right from giving a genuine compliment to buying an expensive gift, you can always do something special to make your significant other feel loved. Giving flowers is one of the best ways to be romantic. Traditionally, flowers hold a special significance in all cultures and are associated with love and romance.

In the initial stages of romance, it is all the more important to express love through flowers. Whether we talk of going on a date or proposing her, giving flowers can make the time you spend together truly memorable. Putting some thought into your choice of flowers and buying the flowers that she really likes will make her feel loved. You can also buy flowers online and have them delivered to your partner.


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