Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Your Parents Feel Special with the Right Flowers on Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day is arriving on 27th of July and you are wondering what you might gift that can instantly spruce your parents’ mood. Imagine the fragrance of lilies soothing their senses within seconds?

Apart from all the expensive gifts available on the local stores, flowers can speak volumes of love, which you might want to express on this special day.

While, there are thousands of flowers across the world, some of the most fragrant ones, which can delight your parents can include:

Dianthus blossoms are widely known as carnations. These are the perfect decoration element for your parents’ bedroom. These appear in white and pink hues and enhance the overall atmosphere of your home.

Gardenia is typically yellow and white colored blossoms which are popularly known for their sweet fragrances. These can be given with a meaningful message, which you want to convey on Parents’ Day.

These blossoms can bloom for over one month. Available in a spectrum of colors including purple and white lilacs can be placed in the living area, where your parents sit and relax.

Oriental Lilies
Oriental lilies are also one of the popular flowers, which you can choose to give to your parents on Parents’ Day. Usually appearing in hues of pink and white, a bouquet of oriental lilies can make your family’s day without having to put much effort.


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