Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Considerations For Buying Orchids

Orchids possess elegant beauty and come in many attractive colors and shapes. If you are planning to buy them for decorating your home or to give them to someone special on birthday or on some other important occasion, you would need to keep some important things in mind.

Different species and varieties of orchids require different environment settings to thrive in. There are some that need enough sunlight and others that require humidity. Before you pick any particular variety, make sure that they would be suitable for your location. If you fail to provide them the required conditions, they would not grow healthy.

Orchids that are in full bloom look lovely, but it is better not to buy such flowers. Orchids take up a lot of energy to bloom and as a result they die early after few consecutive blooming. If you want to maintain your orchids for a longer time then you must buy those which aren't in bloom yet or the ones that have unopened buds.

You must carefully examine the orchids before buying them. Make sure that the leaves and bulbs are firm. The roots and grass must be green. The flowers must look fresh and should have plum unopened buds. Healthy orchids would live longer and would grace your or your loved one’s home whom you are sending the flowers for a longer period.


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