Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meaningful Flowers for Every Occasion

Moreover, every flower has a unique meaning and although there are plenty of florists who can offer reasonable flower bouquets, a single flower with the right message can help you win the heart of your dear one. Flowers come with different meanings and should be given on the right occasions only.

Here are the flowers with their different meanings:

Flowers for Love
Roses are the most common yet appropriate flowers to be given on romantic occasions such as ‘Valentine’s Day’ or on your beloved’s birthday. These are a good way to express your love in the simplest yet touching way. Red roses indicate romantic love whereas White carnations stand for devoted love.

Flowers for purity and faith
Lilies are popular flowers that are used on a number of occasions. Lilies symbolize faith and purity. Calla lilies- the white blossoms stand for beauty.

Flowers for good health
Sunflowers- the bright yellow flowers stand for adoration and indicate good health. These flowers can be used to say ‘get well soon’ to an ill friend or family member.

You can give flowers for any emotion that you experience and send them to the one whom you want to convey your feelings.


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