Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Flowers to Gift on Parent’s Day?

If you truly love your parents, a beautifully adorned flower bouquet a worthwhile gift on the Parents Day. A bouquet of charismatic lavender, roses, and carnations will brighten up their day.

The alluring beauty of lilac will enliven their mood no matter from where are you sending the flower bouquet. The serenity of white daisies is certain to add to the beauty of your parent’s room.

Arrange a bouquet of pink, yellow, white, and peach roses and compliment it with an attractive ribbon. The lovely blend of white, pink, yellow, and peach can make your Parents’ Day even brighter.

If your parents love the pink color, then gifting them a bouquet of fresh flowers, in hues of lilac, rose, lavender and violet can make their day. Embellish the flower bouquet with a purple satin bow.

You can also go for a combination of fresh lavender, roses, and carnations accented with greenery- a charming way to express your love this Parents’ Day.

Roses are awesome. An eye-catching bouquet of pink and yellow roses, coral roses, is an ideal floral gift for your parents. Present a bouquet of flowers in a unique way and make this Parents’ Day memorable for your loved ones.


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