Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let This Valentine be a Bit Different

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited and cherished occasion for couples. It’s the day when people expect something special from their loved ones. Flowers do act as an ideal gift on these occasions. The standard flowers for Valentine’s Day are roses. Roses carry the tag, “The symbol of love” and are the favorites of women. Therefore most men prefer to choose rose as a gift for their partners. Let’s acquire a different outlook at this Valentine’s Day and think of some different flowers as ideal gifts. They are many other flowers provided by online floral companies which depict love and companionship. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Daisies: - Daisies can be a worthy substitute for roses on Valentine’s Day. The flower reflects passionate love between couples. Daisies are representative of purity. Therefore it is a perfect flower to depict platonic love for someone.
  • Tulips: - Tulips can also replace roses since they are symbolic of extreme adulation and love for someone. Both red and purple tulips represent passionate and royal love and this is the reason why purple tulips were of special significance among kings of the medieval age.
  • Orchids: - This flower can also be emblematic of love and companionship and are widely suggested by floral companies for occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Online florists are engaged in endeavors to make every special occasion merrier for people by incorporating new improvisations while preparing flower assortments. We at Fleurop-Interflora being the biggest online floral company are performing the same to enthrall our customer with our innovative flower bouquets. Based in Switzerland we deliver superior quality and remarkable customer service.

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