Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Facts about birth flowers

Although the market these days is flooded with a variety of baby gifts, do send fresh flowers to a friend or family member who has been blessed with a baby. You may send flowers online or you may go out to buy them from a local flower shop. Flowers are on of the best means to convey your feelings of happiness, joy, and ecstasy. Gifting flowers to celebrate the birth of a baby is appropriate since flowers symbolize new life, innocence, and purity.

There are particular flowers for each month. Send the right birth flowers that complements the birthday of the newborn and make your gift of flowers even more special and appreciated.

If the baby is born in the month of January, send carnations. For February born there is Iris and for March born, daffodils are ideal. If the baby is born in April, welcome her with daisies and if he is born in May, send a bouquet of lilies. For babies that are born in June, roses are the right flowers. For July, there is Larkspur, August-Gladiola, September-Aster, October-Marigold, November-Chrysanthemum, and December-Poinsettia.

Birth flowers are like birth stones. A set of appropriate birth flowers can make a lot of difference. It can invoke feelings of joy, happiness, and ecstasy in the life of the recipient. By sending the right birth flowers, you can make your gift even more meaningful and special for the recipient.


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