Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Which flowers to send on birth of a baby?

Welcoming a new born baby with flowers is indeed a great idea. Flowers create feelings of joy and happiness and are a great way to extend your congratulations and best wishes to the parents and the family.

Flowers come in a huge variety. It would be better if you know the meaning of a flower before sending it to a close friend or a family member on birth of a baby. Send the right flowers to make your gift of flowers meaningful.

You can send roses to welcome a new born. Roses inspire feelings of love, romance, joy, and happiness. Send white or yellow roses as they denote love, care, joy, purity, and innocence. If it is a baby girl, you can send pink roses and for a baby boy, blue colored roses would be more appropriate.

Carnations signify love of a mother. It is believed that these lovely flowers were born out of Virgin Mary’s tears. You can send a bouquet of carnations to spread joy and happiness into the life of the baby and her parents.

You may also choose to send gerbera daisies and daffodils as these are considered to be cheerful flowers. Daffodils also stand for new beginning and are therefore ideal to welcome a new baby into the world.

Send white lilies to welcome a new born. They stand for purity and innocence and make ideal new baby flowers.

Make use of online flower delivery service to send fresh flowers to a new mother. Create joy and happiness in her life.


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