Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roses and their Medicinal Value

As we know that Roses are one of the oldest cultivated flowers on the earth, these have been appreciated for several medicinal benefits too. A species of Asian rose is used in several traditional Chinese medicine formulas. Not only this, the ancient Romans, Greeks and Persians also availed the benefits of roses as medicines.

Roses and their medicinal value:

Rose Petals
In conventional medicinal remedies, rose petals are used for curing coughs and colds, diarrhea, sores, lethargy, nervous tension and painful joints. Rose petals are extensively used to prepare tonics and medicines for treating mouth sores and fever blisters.

Rose Water
Rosewater was invented by the Persian physician Ibn Sina and is today prescribed for treating problems such as eye irritations and to strengthen your heart.

Rose Oil
Rose oil, also known as rose attar or Otto is widely used to soothe any type of chapped and aggravated skin. Rose oils are used in Aromatherapy and are effective in relieving nervous tensions, depressions and anxieties.

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