Monday, February 18, 2013

Flowers - Playing their Different Roles

It is not easy to overlook how flowers are critical to our life and the nature. From farms to homes, shops to places of worship, various aspects of life depend on flowers. One can not deny the fact that flowers play different roles for different purposes. Let us know some of the most common uses of flowers.

Ecology: Many flowers provide nectar to thousands of insects, different species of birds and also to some bats. Flowers are not the only means of reproduction for plants but some flowers can also be consumed by animals.

Medicine: In folk medicine as well as in modern herbal remedies, flowers of several plants including linden, chamomile, lavender and many more are widely used to treat problems such as headaches, cramps, indigestion and eye sicknesses.

Perfumes: Flowers provide fragrances that are used to produce wide number of designer perfumes. Perfumes are further utilized for a variety of cosmetic as well as home applications- cleaners, bath products, room fresheners, deodorizers and air fresheners.

These are just a few universal uses of flowers. However, flowers have their unique meanings and they are used for thousands of purposes including ‘gifting’, for saying ‘Goodbye’, ‘Sorry’, ‘I Love You’ and much more.


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