Thursday, April 4, 2013

Have a Sunflower Wedding!

Sunflowers are known for adoration. Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun and so can be understood by their name. The bright flowers bring the summer sunshine to your wedding. Sunflower wedding bouquets are less expensive and sturdy enough to last through the ceremony. Sunflower wedding flowers and bouquets come in wide number of sizes and colours.

You might think that the bright yellow flowers are perfect for your wedding date. Think of other colours as well. Colours including orange, pink, maroon and more are also good options for wedding ceremonies. Some of the blossoms go from baby pink to dark red.

Sizes of these blossoms range from only 3 inches in diameter to 12 inches – that are quite bulky for sunflower wedding bouquets. However if the wedding venue is spacious then you can use the sunflowers at the entryway to welcome your guests.

You can create a dazzling wedding bouquet using pretty and different sizes and colours of sunflowers. Good choices for weddings decorations include purple flowers, Parasido, Seasonal Bouquet Wedding Style and more of these types.

Echo the sunflower theme in your wedding by handing out packages of sunflowers seeds to your guests. Have a memorable sunflower wedding!


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