Monday, April 29, 2013

Reduce Emotional and Physical Stress with Healing Flowers


If you are experiencing emotional stress or physical stress from lack of sleep, migraine, heart pain then look no further than healing flowers. Flowers have been used for healing purposes since the ancient times. Certain flowers are effective in treating any kind of mental or physical illness. Let us have a look on some of the popular healing flowers-

Roman Chamomile: The Roman chamomile is a beautiful healing flower that is widely used by aromatherapists for treating mental stress, morning sickness, menstrual pains, sinus headaches and digestive disorders. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends this flower as an effective homoeopathic remedy for treating stress related issues. The flower produces chemicals that relieve muscle stress and anxiety. In addition, Roman chamomile also has a calming effect on children who are argumentative, irritable and short tempered.

Lavender: Lavender- the aromatic purple flower is an effective solution to reducing mental tensions and anxieties. When you derive essential oils from this healing flower, it can give a soothing effect on brain and help to relieve restlessness, migraines and emotional stress. It has such a refreshing fragrance that can enliven the senses of a person who is feeling low at heart. Furthermore, herbal tea made with dried lavender flowers can even alleviate abdominal issues and hair loss.

Don't stay at stress, treat yourself with the right healing flowers and enjoy each moment of your life.


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