Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tips for picking the right Valentines Day flowers for your boyfriend/husband

Do you think Valentine’s Day flowers are only for women? No, women can send them too as men appreciate flowers as much as women do. If you want to tell your husband or boyfriend that you love him and that you can not live without him, you can send Valentine’s Day flowers.

There are so many flowers that you can choose from for sending on Valentine’s Day. If you wish to stick to tradition, you may send red roses. They are the classic symbol of love and romance. Other popular flower choices for Valentine’s Day include carnations, tulips, lilies, orchids, and Alstroemeria. Romantic and elegant, these flowers make the perfect gift for the Valentine’s Day.

If you want something contemporary, you can choose flowers in colours other than red and white. You may even get the flowers arranged in unique shapes to make your gift appreciated and different.

When sending Valentine flowers to your husband or boyfriend, it would be good to keep in mind their personal taste and preference. They would appreciate the fact that you know so much about them and that you actually had put your thoughts in giving them a gift of their choice.

Then it is advisable to pick flowers in masculine shades and hues for men as they do not like feminine colors like pink and peach. You may gift roses, carnations or other Valentine’s Day flowers in bold purple, yellow, red, or black to your man.

Final tip-always pick fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day. If you want flowers to convey your message of love, admiration, affection, and enthusiasm, make sure that the flowers are fresh, fragrant, and beautiful.


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