Thursday, January 23, 2014

Does Valentine Day Rock and Suck?

Below given infographic tries to reveal some facts about the Valentine’s Day. Here two kinds of scenarios. One about the people who are “in a relationship” and other is about “singles”. This infographic tells when Valentine Day rocks and when it sucks for both kinds of people.

In a Relationship:

Valentine’s Day Rocks when you:

  1. Enjoy a romantic date.
  2. Give a themed gift like cards, candy and flowers.
  3. Propose to someone on Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day Sucks when you:

  1. Feel the pressure to be romantic with your woman.
  2. If you face breakup on the day
  3. Spend a lot on Valentine’s Day’s gifts


Valentine’s Day Rocks when you:

1) Buy gift items during sale after Valentine’s Day.
2) Stay at home and watch chick flicks
3) Celebrate Valentine’s Day as Single Awareness Day.

Valentine’s Day Suck when you:

  1. Buy presents for yourself.
  2. Spend time alone.
  3. Feel guilty by a commercial holiday



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