Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to choose flowers for an expecting woman?

If you are excited to know that your close friend or colleague or family member is expecting a baby, send her fresh flowers. Flowers are a symbol of joy and happiness. They would convey your message to the recipient that you are happy for her. Flowers with their sweet fragrance and natural beauty would also make the expecting mother feel better and happy.

But before sending flowers to a pregnant woman you must know that not all flowers are suitable for pregnant ladies. If you send wrong flowers, they can affect their physical health and sleep and can also make them lose their appetite.

Do not send flowers with string fragrances as they can cause headache, nausea, and sickness to the expecting woman. For this reason, Jasmine, oleander, and poinsettia are not appropriate flowers for pregnant women.

Then the pollen of certain flowers can cause allergy. Expecting women should stay from such flowers as they can cause serious harm to them and to the babies growing inside them. Avoid sending Hydrangea and Primrose as their pollens contain strong chemical reaction that can trigger allergy.

Some other flowers that you should avoid sending to your pregnant friend are China rose, Chinese redbud, lily and mimosa. You may send ivoy, carnation, maguey, alloy and cactus.

Since flowers can absorb fresh oxygen and can release carbon dioxide, it is not advisable to keep flowers in the bedroom of an expecting woman. In case the woman feels good having flowers around her, choose aloe and cactus as their fragrance is mild and they are able to absorb certain toxic substances.

Flowers are the best means to share your happiness and joy with your near and dear ones. Choose the right flowers and celebrate the great news with your friend or family member.


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