Thursday, January 16, 2014

All you wanted to know about Anniversary flowers

Wedding anniversary marks a special occasion in the life of a couple. And this special occasion would just be incomplete without flowers. Flowers allow you to express your feelings in the best possible manner. But with so many flowers, how do you choose flowers to wish wedding anniversary to your beloved?

For the 1st wedding anniversary, you must send carnations. Carnations are a symbol of pride and beauty. According to a famous legend, the Goddess Artemis was coming home from hunting. On the way, she met a shepherd playing his pipes. She was angry because of her failure at hunting. She accused the shepherd of frightening the animals and plucked out his eyes. When she realized her mistake, she threw the eyes on the ground and from there the carnations grew.

For 25th wedding anniversary, you should send Iris. Iris stands for wisdom and friendship. This flower was named after Iris, the Goddess of Rainbow and the messenger of Gods. On 50th anniversary, choose Violets. This flower is a symbol of modesty, faithfulness and innocence. It is believed that Napoleon's Josephine wore a necklace made out of violets on the day of their wedding. Napoleon sent her a posy of violets every year on their anniversary.

Write a romantic note and send it along with your bouquet of fresh flowers. Your wife would be touched with your sweet and romantic gesture. You may also send a nice gift along with flowers to make your wedding anniversary special and memorable for the two of you.

There is a flower associated with every anniversary. Search for the traditional flowers associated with your or that of your parent’s wedding anniversary to celebrate your happiness on being together for so long.


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