Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your wife

Are you confused as to what to gift to your wife this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to surprise her with something unique and different this time? Check out these 5 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to surprise your beloved.

Make Valentine’s day gift for her

You may have given chocolates, candies, greeting cards and flowers to her. But this time, make something on your own. Try making candies for her. It is not that difficult and she would surely appreciate your efforts and gesture, even if the candies are not one of those best candies that you can get from outside. Prepare a small greeting card and write a personal message. It touch her heart and she would treasure it for long.

Try something unusual

Flowers are one of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts that one could think of. But you can never go wrong with them. If you want to surprise your sweetheart, look for unique flower arrangements. Do not stick to those regular heart-shaped arrangements that you find them everywhere. Go for beautiful glass vase or natural wood flower baskets to present your flowers in a beautiful manner. If you are buying jewelry, personalize it with her name. You could even add your own initial to it. She would love to keep you close to her heart.

Do something simple for her

Women find happiness in small and simple things. Prepare a simple breakfast for her or do washing and cleaning for her. She would appreciate the fact that you care so much for her and want her to relax and take a break from routine chores.

Do not let your wife know about the surprise

If you do not want your surprise to be ruined, make sure that you do not leave the bill or credit card statement for your wife to see. She may come across the bill when cleaning and would get to know what you are doing for her.

Get the gift delivered

Rather than giving her the flowers or any other gift on your own, get it delivered to her workplace . She would be excited to find a bouquet of fresh flowers on her work station when she would reach the office in the morning. Call her later and ask her how she liked your surprise. 

Don’t over stress yourself in deciding the Valentine’s Day gift for your wife. Keep the above tips in mind and she would appreciate your love.


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