Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to pick Roses for Valentine’s Day?

Roses are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers. Most men and women send red roses on Valentine’s Day to their beloved to express their love and romance. But roses come in many other shades and each color has a special meaning. Read further if you want to pick the right colored roses for your sweetheart.

Red rose is a symbol of true love, beauty, and deep passion. It also represents courage and respect. If you want to say I love you, you can send a single rose in red color.

Yellow roses signify true friendship. They are also a symbol of warmth, joy, and delight.

Orange roses stand for strong passion and longing. They also signify vibrant energy.

Purple roses signify love at first sight. If you wish to say I adore you to someone, purple roses are the best to go with.

Pink roses stand for grace, refinement, and gentility. For expressing gentle emotions, admiration, and simple joy and happiness, you must send pink roses on Valentine’s Day.

White roses have always been associated with peace, innocence, and purity. They also signify respect and remembrance. If you have just entered in to a relationship, white roses are perfect to make the new beginning.

Choose the right color of rose and let these beautiful and fragrant flowers rightly convey your feelings and emotions this Valentine’s Day.


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