Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter Lilies: the most popular flowers for Easter

Sending flowers is an integral part of Easter celebration. Flowers symbolize life, hope, purity, and joy and therefore they are seen as the best gifts for Easter. They are the perfect embodiments of the values and spirit of Easter.

Of the various flowers that are sent on Easter, Easter lilies are the most popular. Lilies have been around since 1500 BC and hold a lot of significance in the life of Christians. Lilies symbolize chastity, devotion, humility, and sacrifice. Lilies are associated with motherhood and are seen as representatives of Virgin Mary. They are white in color and feature a large, trumpet like shape. Because of the purity and serenity that these flowers denote, Easter lilies are also called white robed apostles of hope. During the Easter season, these flowers are found everywhere from altars in churches to decorations in homes and bouquets used for Easter gifts.

If you are planning to send flowers to your near and dear ones on Easter, do send Easter Lilies. You can order flowers online to send fresh, and beautiful Easter flowers to your near and dear ones and to make the Easter celebration special and memorable with your sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Apart from Easter lilies, you can also consider daffodils, tulips, Narcissus, and willows to send on Easter. You can check out online flower shops to find some of the best flowers for Easter.


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