Monday, March 24, 2014

What is so special about Pink roses?

Pink roses are as popular as red roses and people love giving them to their Mothers, Sisters and female colleagues. Pink roses symbolize love and gratitude. They convey all feminine attributes and virtues like elegance, grace, and sweetness. For this reasons, pink roses are considered to be ideal flowers for expressing one’s love and appreciation towards mothers and for expressing admiration to women for all the virtues that they possess.

Like most other colors of roses, pink rose also comes in several shades. From pale, almost white to deep crimson, light pink and Fuchsia these roses come in a variety of shades and each shade represents a different meaning.

Light pink rose for example stands for admiration and gentleness. Fuchsia colored roses express gratitude and appreciation. One can easily choose the pink rose to express one’s emotions and hidden feelings.

Irrespective of the shade, pink roses are associated with positive feelings and emotions. Their beautiful appearance, sweet fragrance, and symbolic meaning has made it a very popular flower in most cultures and countries all over the world. Pink roses hold a special place in the world of flowers and this trend is not new, but can be traced back to ancient times. According to legends, this is the only flower that bloomed in Jerusalem and is linked to the Paradise.

If you wish to express your admiration and thanks to someone, send them pink roses. They would not only be impressed with the beauty of these flowers but would also feel special and cared.


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