Monday, March 17, 2014

Express your love with Flowers

Flowers speak the unspoken language of love. If you want to make your mother feel special, gift her yellow or pale pink roses to express your love for her on this mother’s day. These two varieties of roses have been long associated with the emotions of joy, friendship and happiness.

Yellow as a color is associated with spring season, a time for mother’s day celebration. Gift your mother smiling daffodils or yellow tulips this mother’s day to tell her how much you appreciate her presence in your life. You can gift those flowers in a hand tied way with natural raffia.

Flowers have always been associated with emotions. Every color represents a different emotion and feeling towards the receiver. Yellow color stands for a bond of friendship which you can share with your mother as your best friend.

One of the increasing trends is carnations as a mother’s day present. These are a great gift as they have a longer vase life. With just their top visible from the top, they look beautiful when decorated in a living area.

So, gift your mother with these stunning flowers on mother’s day and see the glowing smile that you put across her face. If you are living away from your mother, go online and look for a good flower delivery services to send your love to her on this special occasion.


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