Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carnations Incarnating Human Emotions

Carnations are an important part of decorations in birthdays, marriage anniversaries and many festive occasions. For a gift to one’s beloved, a single carnation flower is equally dashing as a bouquet of carnation. The carnation is known for its vibrant colors. Carnations can be a visual treat for people when they wake up in the morning. The refreshing colors have the ability to charm one’s mood at the beginning of the day. Carnation boasts the tag of, “Angelic flowers”. The fragrance of carnation resembles that of clove and has enduring ecstatic effects on the surroundings.

Carnations are officially known as Dianthus Caryophyllus. The flower is backed with an interesting background. Some philosophers are of the viewpoint that the name carnation has originated from coronation. This is because the Greeks gave carnations a divine status and used them to adorn their crowns. One other school of thought argues that carnations have something to do with reincarnation (since one sounds the imitative of the other). Flowers do hold a special significance in peoples’ lives due to the latent symbolism which they carry for human instincts. Carnations also play the same emblematic role in describing feelings.

  • Red carnation: - Red carnations represent feelings of reverence for someone. On the others hand intense red color carnations express the feeling of being devoted to someone.
  • White carnation: - They signify feelings of piousness and virtuousness in someone towards God and religion. White carnations are treated as highly significant in religious rituals and customs.
  • Purple carnation: - This color is representative of the adaptability in human nature. Purple carnations signify strength, courage and wisdom in people.

Not only carnation but there are many other flowers which carry a mystic background and have attained special significance due to the depth in their meaning.

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