Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flower Color and Their Meaning

Flowers are not just commodities for sale. Instead they have become an inseparable part of our lives. Graceful and vivacious flowers carry the potential to enthrall the minds of the people. They could be ideal gifts for someone on their birthday as well as on special days like Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Friendship Day and many more. They are used to embellish houses on weddings and religious occasions. There lies a strong conviction in peoples’ minds that every color of flowers evokes out a special emotion. One may find it imperative to be enlightened on what feelings each color signifies. This way he can choose the right color while picking flowers to gift someone to express his emotions well to the receiver. Following are some color of flowers and emotions attached with them:-

  • Yellow: - Yellow signifies joy, liveliness, accomplishments and strength.
  • Red: - This color holds immense significance to the lovers as it signifies companionship and desire for affiliation. In addition to love related feelings, red color also corresponds to gallantry and determination in a human being.
  • Orange: - Flowers of this color connote creative intent towards life. Zeal, valor and eagerness to progress are some of the prime feelings signified by orange colored flowers.
  • Green: - Green is the sign of royalty and elegance. It depicts strength and bravery. People with ambitious attitude in life relate well with green colored flowers.
  • White: - White is attached with holy and candid feelings in someone. White flowers find their use in religious ceremonies and rituals.

The pool of knowledge related to color of flowers and their significance is yet to be unveiled and explored genuinely. We at Fleurop-Interflora are aware how particular people are about flowers and the emotions attached with them. Based in Switzerland we as an online florist company have focused our efforts in educating people on the various dimensions and aspects to which a flower can be correlated.

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