Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flowers are Emblematic

There goes a saying, “Heard stories are sweet but those unheard are sweeter”. There exists an unheard and unexplored dimension related to flowers. It is the emblematic role which flowers play to various emotions and religious traditions.

Flowers hold a special significance in the lives of the people. They add a special charm to the festive occasions. The fragrance of flowers makes them potent for the manufacturing of utilities like deodorants. Flowers are used for embellishing houses on special occasions like birthdays, New Year and Christmas, among others.

Here are some of the flowers with their symbolic roles:-
  • Lotus: - In religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, lotus flower holds special significance. In Hindu mythology, lotus is a pious flower, which is used for embellishing the thrones of various deities. Lord Ganesha has a special penchant for this flower. Lotus takes birth in the mud and later blooms into a beautiful flower. This way it is metaphoric to a human’s life journey from earthly surroundings to self actualization.
  • Iris: - The magnificently colorful Iris symbolizes various human instincts such as sagacity, conviction, strength, companionship enthusiasm and leadership.
  • Lily: - The white lily represents serendipity and good fortune. The pink one stands for congeniality, fortitude and courage in human nature.

Since flowers are blessed with such diverse dimensions and human philosophies, therefore floral companies are extremely devoted to linking floral arrangements with interesting aspects of human life.

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