Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Facts on Water Lilies- Believe it or Not

Water lily, scientifically referred as Nymphaeaceae, is amongst the most dazzling flowers in the world. The flower is widely recognised for its refreshing smell and is  perfect flower for gifting on birthdays
, weddings and anniversaries. Besides, there are some crucial facts about water lilies which you would certainly want to know if you adore lilies.


There are basically two major types of water lilies- tropical and hardy. The tropical water lily blooms all through the day and night.
The hardy water lily opens and blooms only in the daylight.


Although water lilies seem to be sprouting from the water, these flowers actually float on top of the water and their roots are deeply tethered into the soil at the bottom of the pond or lake.


Water Lily's scientific name Nympaeceae, has been taken from the Greek word 'Nymph'. Nymphs were basically feminine sprites who lived in the bodies of water. Nympaeceae can be perfectly associated with because the flower is also found in bodies of water.

Fun Fact

The blue water lily is considered as the national flower of Sri Lanka.


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