Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flowers that Make Your Home Smell Good

Out of the thousands types of flowers across the world, the most fragrant ones that can make your home smell good are dianthus, gardenia, lilacs, oriental lilies and jasmine. These flowers can enliven the spirits of any room or location and smell delightful.

The flowers are popularly known as carnations and are a perfect decoration element for any room. These generally appear in white and pink hues.

The white and yellow flowers are well known for their sweet fragrance. Gardenias are a perfect addition when you are inviting guests at your place.

Lilacs can bloom for up to one and half month. These come in a variety of colours such as white and purple. Lilacs have a calming effect on mind and thus can be placed in the living area where all members of the home sit and relax.

Oriental Lilies
These are popular wedding flowers with a touching fragrance. Appear usually in shades of pink and white. If there is a wedding in your home, keep bouquet of lilies at the corners is a good option to decorate the venue.

Jasmine are one of the oldest flowers that open up only during the night time. Try to keep these flowers in a cool place and enjoy a soothing smell in your surroundings.

Whenever and wherever flowers are placed can create a wonderful environment for you and your family. Bring the best smelling flowers home.


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