Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 3 Ideas to Celebrate a Memorial Day

Memorial Day is arriving this 27th May. This is the best time to pack your bags for some outing with family. But how can you truly celebrate the Memorial Day? Since, Memorial Day is celebrated to honour soldiers who sacrificed their lives in military wars, they surely deserve to be remembered in a unique way.

Here is a list of top 3 ideas to commemorate the Memorial Day heroes:

  • Visit a hero – If you have a family member who has sacrificed his or her life in military service, honour them by visiting their graveside with their favourite flowers. For this, you can choose flowers from carnations and lilacs to celebrate their special day. You can even decorate their graveside with flower bouquets to make the place aromatic. 
  • Patriotic poetry – While you are decorating the graveyard, you can take out a moment to read a patriotic poem. Find an inspiring poem to read to the family.

  • Patriotic themed flowers fly flags – You can fly flags with flag-themed kites. This can be a great idea for your children to enjoy the weekend.

So, when the Memorial Day is arriving soon, don’t forget to commemorate your weekend to the admirable soldiers.


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