Monday, May 27, 2013

Rose Flower Meanings

Ever wondered about the meanings of rose flowers before gifting to your loved one? Over the ages, roses have inspired people as an expression of love. Moreover, there are various symbolic meanings associated with different roses when you gift them to your loved ones. When you gift a certain colour, you bring a whole new depth to the gift.

Here is a concise list of rose flower meanings that you can choose to gift to your loved ones: 

Orange Roses: Like yellow rose reminds of the sun, an orange rose indicates a fiery blaze. These blossoms signify energy and passion. You can choose orange roses to express pride and intense desire. These flowers also indicate a sense of fascination.

Pink Roses: With plenty of variations in pink roses, these are used to express the gentle emotions such as joy, gratitude and admiration. Light pink rose blooms indicate innocence and sweetness. Deep pink roses convey appreciation and gratitude.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses indicate exuberance. These can be given to evoke the feelings of happiness, warmth and welcome. Yellow roses can also be good symbols of friendship and care. Platonic emotions are expressed with yellow roses.

Choose your favourite rose flower to convey the right message to your loved one.


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