Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flower Choosing Tips for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a tedious task especially when you have to make decisions on floral arrangements. One has to select the type of flowers to use, select the colour combinations within the specified budget. To help you make this decision easily, here is a list that you can use when choosing your wedding flowers.

Choose the right colours
Flowers are available in a wide assortment of colours ranging from vibrant yellow, neutral blues to beautiful pinks. However, it is imperative that the colours of flowers you choose match your wedding venue and of course the wedding theme. If the wedding venue is simple it is a good idea to use vibrant colours of flowers such as yellow, orange and red or in combinations to make the wedding venue look more lively and eye catching.

Go for seasonal flowers
Remember that flowers available in a particular season tend to be much inexpensive than off seasonal flowers. They are easier to find and can cut down your flower budget by a significant amount.

Look for the appropriate flowers
Online stores preserve a vast collection of popular flowers such as Daffodil, Gloriosa, Hyacinthus, Heliconia, Rose, Sunflower, Sword Lily and so on. These flowers can be purchased and gifted at several occasions including birthday, wedding and anniversary.


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