Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rose: each color has something special to say

Roses are Red, and Pink, and Yellow, and orange too. Read further to know about rose colors and their meanings to give away the right flowers to express your feelings.

A red rose says I Love you. A rose that is orange in color says can we be more than friends? Pink roses stand for admiration, grace, and elegance. Roses that are light peach in color signify modesty and friendship.

White colored roses stand for purity, innocence, and youth. Yellow roses convey friendship. It also stands for dying love. A purple rose is given to convey the message of love at first sight. Purple roses also signify memories of a dead spouse. Green roses stand for calm and tranquillity.

Black roses symbolize grief and death and are considered as an omen in many cultures.

Not only do different colours stand for different meanings, even their numbers convey specific meanings. A bouquet of six red roses say that I adore you whereas that containing fifteen roses says I am sorry. 50 roses are used to convey deep love and passion and they say I love you no matter what. For proposing someone, 108 red roses are given and for expressing one’s devotion, 100 red roses are given.

Hope the information shared above will help you pick the right roses next time you want to say I love you or sorry to that someone special.


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