Thursday, June 20, 2013

The best summer wedding flower options

If wedding bells are soon going to ring, you must be busy making arrangements for the most special day of your life. Have you selected the wedding flowers for decoration? Check out some of the best summer wedding flower options to add an ethereal touch to your wedding reception party.

Daisies-you can use them alone or along with other flowers to add a subtle touch to the décor as well as to the wedding bouquet.

Carnations-they truly are a versatile wedding flowers. Available in so many colors, you can pick the ones that complement the overall theme of your wedding.

Sweet Peas-as their name suggests, these smell really sweet and are very pretty to look at. Use them for creating a heavenly isle to walk down.

Lavender-use these flowers to add a divine aroma to your event. Lavender is usually available in late summers.

Iris-if you want to do things in a little out-of-the-way, use Iris. Their bright and bold colors can add a dramatic feel to the whole event.

Gerberas-big and bold, and available in a variety of shades and hues, these flowers can be used in many ways for decorating the venue, in wedding bouquets and bridal bouquet.

Roses-when it is something as special and as romantic as marriage, you just can’t do without roses. Beautiful, classic, chic, and timeless, roses are simply the best flowers for any wedding.

Use these summer flowers to add love, romance, beauty, and style to your marriage reception.

All the best for starting a new phase of your life!


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