Thursday, August 1, 2013

Use luxury flowers for making a long lasting impression

Almost every one of you would want your party and other special occasion to look a lot better in front of each and every individual. For this purpose luxury flowers can definitely fulfil your desires and requirements. Some popular flouriest and online sites also deliver this luxury flower on demand at your door. Luxury flower delivery is a great option and a good way to impress those you look after and express your emotions honestly and beautifully. There are various types of luxury flower available in the market.

The most highly desirable as well as coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, luxurious, exotic and graceful are the orchid that represents luxury, love, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility. In addition, during the Victorian era, orchid symbolism shifted to luxury owing to the fact that these were rare flowers found only in the Tropics, and hence only the rich could afford them. In ancient Japan, the orchid flowers were treasured by the royalty and were used as a symbol of wealth. In today’s time also this sense of magnificence and artful splendour continues, with orchids representing rare, subtle as well as delicate beauty.

Every flower carries a meaning of its own and they tend to bear a lot of significance in religion and culture. Their symbolism can depend on the season in which they grow, their colour, etc. Different colours orchids signify different meanings, for instance, pink orchids usually convey pure affection, while the popular cattelya orchid represents mature charm; a yellow orchid indicates friendship and new beginnings, thus can be gifted to your special friend; gift a lavender orchid to your mother as it is a symbol of grace, elegance, and feminine beauty.

They are also regarded as a symbol of love because orchids plants can grow easily, and bloom under most conditions. During the Victorian era, gifting exotic and rare orchids was a popular custom to show one’s love and affection for someone. Moreover, it was even believed that if you chose a rare flower as a gift, your love was the deepest. Orchids were also used as a main ingredient of a love potion.

Elegant orchids can decorate every occasion and can bring extra special ambience and fragrance to the occasion. Rarely used things are always admired and same with luxury flowers. Please visit: for ordering beautiful flowers and bouquets.


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