Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flowers for Birthdays: January to June

A flower bouquet is doubtlessly the best gift that you can choose for anyone for their birthday. But with a huge variety of bouquets offered by flower delivery services, it is often not always easy to choose the most appropriate bunch for a loved one. If you need to send flowers for someone born between January and June, here are a few ideaas:

January: The first month of the year symbolizes new beginnings and Carnations are the flowers associated with January. You can use a flower delivery service to send a multi colored bouquet of carnations, known for their dainty ruffed petals and sweet clove like fragrance.

February: Iris is the finest flower for those born in February. Symbolic of faith, wisdom and hope, these flowers are beautiful gifts and are available in colors such as purple, blue, white and yellow.

March: Daffodils – the first flowers of spring represent rebirth and rejuvenation and are good to be sent in month of March. You can send a bouquet of daffodils through any online flower delivery services to convey a message of regards for your loved ones born in March.

April: The best birthday gift for an April born could be a bouquet of Daisies. Choose a big bouquet of daisies in various colors to send an adorable gift for April birthdays.

May: The flower representing purity – Lilly- is the flower for the month of May. The wonderful fragrance and vibrant colors of this flower appeal to everyone and a bouquet of lilies will be a delightful gift for your May born friends.

June: Roses are the perfect flowers for those born in June. They convey love and appreciation in most beautiful and subtle manner.

Stay tuned for our next series from July to December!


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