Friday, August 16, 2013

Saying Sorry with Flowers

When you are sorry for committing something wrong, a verbal apology might not move the heart of the concerned person. However, a sorry note along with a bouquet of flowers conveying sorry can really make a difference. There are different flowers of apology through which you can ask for forgiveness.

White Chrysanthemum, Purple Hyacinth- Say sorry with sweet fragrances

Apologizing with a single flower also might not work. You can express your emotions with a bunch of flowers using a little creativity. Mix a few flowers such as white chrysanthemum and purple hyacinth and mix them with white water lilies. Write a personal quote that conveys you are sorry and also mention in that quote what each flower means.

Give this creative flower bouquet and you will surely be able to melt the heart of the one you love within a matter of minutes. Flowers have always expressed the best emotions. You can test the power of flowers in your own life.

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