Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carnations and their Meanings

Do you know that every flower has a hidden meaning behind it? If you are planning to give flowers to your loved one, do not miss to consider the ones that can convey the right message as you have in your heart for the dear one. It’s good to know the symbolic meanings associated with different roses when you gift them to your loved ones. When you gift a certain colour, you bring a whole new depth to the gift.

Here is a concise list of rose flower meanings that you can choose to gift to your loved ones:

Orange carnations: Orange carnations indicate a fiery blaze. These blossoms indicate passion and enthusiasm. If you want to express your intense desire for something, you can choose these orange carnations.

Pink carnations: With several variations in pink carnations, these blossoms are used to express the happy emotions such as admiration and gratitude. Pink carnations indicate sweetness and innocence. Dark pink roses can be used to appreciate a good job done or for expressing gratitude.

White carnations: Yellow roses indicate cheerfulness. These can be gifted to friends to express the feelings of warmth, happiness, and welcome. On occasions such as Friendship Day, these blossoms play a perfect role in conveying the heartiest emotions.

Choose your carnation flower and convey the right message to your dear one.


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