Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flower Bouquets for 20th, 30th and 50th Wedding Anniversaries

Thanks to international flower delivery services, it is simple and convenient to deliver flowers to overseas locations. If you have your parents or loved ones staying in a different city or country and want to surprise them with a flower bouquet on a special 20th, 30th or 50th anniversary:

Iris for 20th Anniversary: After 2 decades of marriage, couples can celebrate their love in style with the elegance of iris. As a royal flower, iris is a symbol of sophistication and classiness. This purple colored flower looks luxurious and romantic and makes for a beautiful gift on 20th wedding anniversary.

Gladioli for 30th Anniversary: As distinct and vibrant flowers, gladioli can bring color and charm to any room. A relationship 30 year old has abundant beauty and charm and this is what makes gladioli bouquet an ideal gift for 30th wedding anniversary. You can ask you flower delivery service to arrange gladioli in different colors to create an attractive bouquet.

Violets and Yellow Roses for 50th Anniversary: 50 years of blissful marriage is a big reason to celebrate and the bouquet for this couple ought to be very special and graceful. Violet and yellow are complementary colors just like two people in love complement and complete each other. A big bunch of fresh violets and yellow roses becomes a wonderful gift on the 50th wedding anniversary.


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