Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9 Tips to start a flower garden

A flower garden enhances the beauty of your backyard. It will attract pollinators, such as hummingbirds, butterflies and bee to protect your garden. Read below the tips to create a flower garden at your home.

1) Start with small flower garden. Gardening requires a lot of efforts, so a large area will mount the work for gardening and might be end in dry up.

2) Build a landscaping plan for your garden and dig a flower bed according to your plan.

3) It should be considered that how much sunlight an area will receive.

4) Choose a good site for plantation. Test the nutrition level of soil to determine what nutrients the soil requires.

5) Locate a site and start the digging process.

6) Add some inches of manure or compost in soil and level the site.

7) Purchase the seeds or plants according to their size. Put small plants in front of bed. Plants should be planted at the same depth.

8) Always check about the quantity of water required before watering the garden.

9) Periodically cut the blooms which is used already so that process of re-blooming starts.



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