Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Special Flowers to Add in Bouquets

Regardless of their colors and varieties, flowers have always been appreciated for their beauty and elegance. However, when you actually order a flower bouquet for someone special, it may become difficult to choose appropriate flowers to convey your messages. So here are the ideas that some of the popular flowers convey:

Roses: Generally called the king of flowers, rose symbolizes purity and affection. The most popular flowers for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines Day, roses can also be sent on Fathers Day, celebrated in June. And yes, you will find plenty of vibrant colors in this flower.

Orchids: These charming and long lasting flowers draw instant attention and represent love, beauty and success. You can send a bouquet of Orchids to congratulate someone for academic or professional achievement.

Gerberas: If you simply want to make someone cheerful, it is a good idea to send a few stalks of Gerbera daisies in your bouquet. Found in plenty of colors such as orange, yellow and pink, these flowers can be used to wish ‘get well soon’ ‘thank you’, and also ‘happy birthday’

Carnations: Much liked for their ruffed look, clove-like scent and long blooming period, Carnations stand for charm, distinction and care. You will find them in a variety of colors such yellow, white, red & purple and they are the conventional flowers for Mothers Day.

Zinnias: If you’ve been planning to send best flower bouquet to close friends, do keep a few Zinnias in the bunch. These flowers with their colorful well arranged petals symbolize friendship and its beauty in life.

And if you are hard pressed for time, simply choose your favorites varieties or colors and send flowers online.


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