Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Different Meanings of Rose Colors

Sales figures for flower bouquet delivery services show that roses are some of the most popular flowers gifted on different occasions. Called the royalty of floral world, roses are loved for their dense, soft petals, their subtle perfume and also for the beauty of their colors. But did you know the actual meanings conveyed by different colors of roses? Here are some the messages that three popular colors in roses express:

Pink roses: Conventionally, the symbols of feminism and refinement, pink roses stand for appreciation and gratitude. When you want to express admiration for someone’s polite gestures, it is good to say the same with a bouquet of pink roses.

White roses: These symbolize purity, innocence, and humility. White roses are conventionally used for weddings to represent the fidelity and promise of love. If for you, the idea of a gift is elegance and simple beauty, go for a bouquet of white roses. It makes a wonderful promise to adore, nurture and care.

Red roses: Used to express love and love’s endurance power, red roses actually symbolize love that comes with respect for someone. The bold, beautiful hue of red roses has become the color of Valentines Day. Red roses grown in India are also known for their strong and sweet perfume.

If you expect that flower bouquet delivery do the right job, make sure you choose the right color for your rose gifts.


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