Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sending Sympathy Flowers – Some Points to Remember

People all over the world use online flower delivery vendors to send sympathy flowers to the bereaved family members of their friends, colleagues or acquaintance when they pass away. Flowers are an ideal option for showing one’s sympathy and grief. But a lot of people often get confused while sending sympathy flowers. So, as a result they end up making a mistake.

A look at some important considerations that you must remember when you want to send flowers online for a funeral:

  • Make sure that you pick the right flowers and colour. The flowers that are associated with funerals and deaths are lilies, carnations and wreaths.
  • Roses can also be sent through flower delivery services but choose white or black colour.
  • The size and flower arrangement are equally important. Wreaths, inside pieces, bouquets, and casket sprays are common flower arrangements that people take on funerals and deaths.
  • The size of the flower arrangement can be big or small, depending on your relationship with the deceased. If someone close has passed away, you may send a big bouquet otherwise a small bouquet or wreath would be sufficient.
  • You can put a card with a personal message in the flowers. The message should express your grief on the death of a loved one and should also provide comfort to the deceased’s family members.


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