Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flower Bouquets for Wedding Anniversaries

Flower bouquets make for some special gifts on weddings and wedding anniversaries. However, with so many flowers to choose from, at times it is perplexing to choose the most appropriate ones for the occasion. If you wish to send the best flower bouquet for a special anniversary, here are some ideas as per the anniversary year:

Carnations for 1st Anniversary: Wedding flowers that represent love and cheer, carnations are sent as gifts for a couple’s first anniversary. For most couples, their first anniversary is a time to rejoice for what looks like an endless future together. Colorful carnations are apt to congratulate them for this optimism and passion.

Gerberas for 5th Anniversary: The emblematic structure of gerbera daisy makes it apt for a 5th anniversary. While the centre of the flower symbolizes the strong bond between married couple, its outwardly radiating petals stand for the wonderful ways in which the couple love and commitment will grow.

Daffodils for 10th Anniversary: Even a single stalk of daffodil looks wonderful. But when you are sending an entire bouquet packed with these beautiful flowers, it truly makes for an amazing gift. Ten years of married life are packed with different memories including ups and downs in life. But colorful daffodils symbolize the strong love a couple has shared through all times.

More on flowers for wedding anniversaries in our next blog on this series!

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