Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meaning of Flowers before you give them to someone

Flowers act as perfect gifting options for presenting them to your loved ones on special occasions. However, different flowers have different meanings. While some flowers represent love, passion, and admiration, there are those, as well that represent negative feelings like hatred, jealousy, anger and resentment. You must, therefore, be aware of the meaning of flowers before you give them to your near and dear ones.

Listed below are some common flowers that are given on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and birth of a baby, Mother’s Day, funeral and other occasions in life with their meanings and significance:

Carnation – Fascination

Lily ­– Purity

Daisy – Innocence

Sunflower – Devotion

Tulip – Perfect love

Rose – Love and Affection

Orchid – Magnificence

Sweet Pea – Blissful Pleasure

Iris – Faith and Hope

Chrysanthemum – Cheerfulness

Apart from the type of flowers, even the colours have special meanings. For instance, the colour white for peace, yellow stands for friendship, red for passion, and pink for admiration. Send flowers online to someone whom you want to show your love, especially red flowers.

It is better to know the hidden meaning of flowers first and then send best flower bouquet that can convey your emotions and feelings. Sending wrong flowers can give away incorrect message and can even spoil your relationship with the recipient.


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